Andy Benner

"I love the variety of the workouts."

Andy Benner

What do you love most about CrossFit?
Everything from the power lifting movements to the cardio exercises.  Each day is different.  I have worked out since I was in high school and workouts can tend to get boring…I have never been bored at CrossFit!

What is your biggest challenge that you overcame? 
I was involved in a snowboarding accident in January of 2018…Had 2 major surgeries on my left arm and was told by doctors that I should not return to CrossFit due to risk of future injury…I tried other forms of exercise but after 10 months I decided to return…I have been back for 4 months now and have been able to continue to gain mobility and achieve more than I ever have in CrossFit prior to my injury…Kipping Pull-Ups and Double Unders are a big challenge as well but I have not overcome them yet!

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