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  • Allison Sica's success story

    It's never boring!

    What do you love most about CrossFit Condor? The people!  Everyone is extremely supportive and I never feel judged.  When I see other members giving it their all it helps push me to work harder.  The coaches are all amazing and have really helped me w...

    Allison Sica

    1 year(s) at CrossFit Condor

  • Andy Benner's success story

    I love the variety of the workouts.

    What do you love most about CrossFit? Everything from the power lifting movements to the cardio exercises.  Each day is different.  I have worked out since I was in high school and workouts can tend to get boring…I have never been bored at CrossFit! ...

    Andy Benner

    6 year(s) at CrossFit Condor

  • Brian Drapp's success story

    After 6 weeks, I was down about 10 pounds, stronger, and feeling much better!

    What do you love most about CrossFit? The Results! Quality of life has significantly improved. Lost 25 lbs. in 7 months, 4 inches off waist, put on muscle, and have reduced my overall stress at work and at home. CrossFit advice for new members? Give ...

    2% Drop In Body Fat

    3 Lbs Of Muscle Gained

    Brian Drapp

    2 year(s) at CrossFit Condor