Matt Parks

Matt Parks


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (In Progress)


Matt moved from Georgia to PA in 2005 to work in non-profit leadership. Today, he loves living in PA with his wife and kids. His middle school nickname of “fatty Matty” and an impressive collection of “hustle awards” left him accepting adulthood and its slowly increasing waist lines and achy joints as an inevitable.

Discovering endurance sports in his late 30s transformed his ability to “hustle” to an advantage. Matt now enjoys the variety of cycling, marathons, and CrossFit to help him maintain a healthier lifestyle that allows him to wrestle with his kids without the fear of throwing his back out.

The Box environment has become a place to push physical limits with the accountability and fun of a group. He’s still not fast, but learning he can still be active and healthy in a way that also increases his leadership capacity in life. He loves that being a coach gives him the opportunity to help others discover this potential.

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