Briana Drapp

Briana Drapp


Briana is a physical therapist assistant and former collegiate rower who was dragged into CrossFit Condor one Saturday afternoon in 2018 by her dad, Brian, another member. After finding familiarity and community in the group exercise atmosphere, she embarked on a life-changing fitness journey with the motivation and support of her peers at CrossFit Condor. In comparison to collegiate rowing, where there are only 2 benchmark workouts to improve upon, CrossFit offered a variety of exercises to progress, master, and eventually implement into workouts. This variety, along with lifting heavy barbells, has been the key element in motivating Briana to continue doing CrossFit. Her background in physical therapy has brought great insights to CrossFit Condor to provide further education to members regarding their own anatomy and assist with exercise recovery. Outside of CrossFit, you will probably find Briana playing video games, eating pizza (with ranch!) or studying as she is #foreverinschool.

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